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Wild Rose Petals Image Wild Rose Petals Image

Rosa acicularis Lindl., Rosaceae

Experience one of the most delightful tisanes! Growing in thickets on the Canadian Shield, wild rose petals are brewed into an exquisite cup of tisane. Or add a few rose petals to loose black tea. Rose petal tisane is rejuvenating; it is a tonic; and it detoxifies the body. This beautifully subtle tisane has a myriad of health properties — from treating high blood pressure, cramps, and urinary tract infections to treating sore throat, depression, and insomnia. The fragrant rose petals make the most wonderful jellies and jams. The petals can be added to potpourri and used in soap and candle making. Wild rose petals are used in aromatherapy and perfumery.

Wild rose petals are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Their properties are laxative and diuretic.

We hand-pick our wild-harvested rose petals in June and July in northern Saskatchewan.

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