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Mentha arvensis L., Lamiaceae

Wild mint grows abundantly on shores and wetlands around lakes of the Canadian Shield. Its refreshing fragrance in the air reveals its presence. Prepare a cup of wild mint tisane with a small quantity of herb. Both relaxing and stimulating, wild mint is one of the most effective herbs for nausea. It alleviates pain and inflammation of sore throat. Wild mint can also be used for baking, in sauces, for pesto, as seasoning, and mint jelly. Mediterranean dishes and Middle Eastern cuisine come to mind -- lamb dishes, tzatziki, tabouleh, hummus. Your imagination is the limit.

Your vision becomes clear when you look into your own heart. Enjoy a lovely cup of freshly wild-harvested wild mint while doing that. When you only look outside of yourself, you dream. Who looks inside, awakens!

Wild mint is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a storehouse of medicinal properties.

We wild-harvest mint in July in the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan.

May you enjoy a peaceful awakening.

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