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Viburnum trilobum Marsh., Caprifoliaceae

The bark of highbush cranberry is commonly known as 'Cramp Bark'. As the name reveals, cramp bark relieves spasms and overly tense muscles, and it is widely used to relieve menstrual cramping. The outer and inner bark are combined to prepare a cup of antispasmodic highbush cranberry bark tisane. The taste is earthy and slightly bitter. For bark tisanes, it's best to pulverize the desired quantity of plant material in a coffee grinder or food processor, then prepare the infusion, and strain the liquid through a coffee filter. Bark tisanes tend to be strong infusions. You can add a strong cramp bark infusion to a lovingly relaxing bath. Lovely cramp bark indeed.

Cramp bark is rich in valerianic acid, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Cramp bark is antispasmodic.

We wild-harvest cramp bark in early spring and late fall in the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan.

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