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Larix laricina (DuRoi) K. Koch, Pinaceae

Larch or Tamarack is a deciduous conifer, growing in bogs and swamps in northern Saskatchewan. Larch bark is known to be the richest and most abundant source of arabinogalactan - a strong immune system booster. The outer and inner bark are combined to prepare a cup of vitalizing larch bark tisane. The taste is pine-like and somewhat bitter-sweet. For bark tisanes, it`s best to pulverize the desired quantity of plant material in a coffee grinder or food processor, then prepare the infusion, and strain the liquid through a coffee filter. Bark tisanes tend to be strong infusions. You can add a strong larch bark infusion to an invigorating bath. Lovely larch bark indeed.

If you want a future for yourself and your children and grand-children, you will have to grow a brain and smarten up. Stop being so delusional and stop reading sales-flyers. Go outside into living nature. It is rejuvenating. Re-connect with the real source. Release all your fear. Start thinking for yourself. There is no time! So smell the flowers and enjoy all of God`s green Earth`s beautiful and lovingly delicious wild-harvested tisanes.

Larch bark is rich in arabinogalactan, enzymes, minerals, antiseptic terpenes, and vitamins. Larch bark tea strengthens your immune system and is used for rheumatism and skin ailments. We wild-harvest larch bark in early spring in the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan.

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