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Wild Dandelion Roots Image Wild Dandelion Roots Image

Taraxacum officinalis L., Asteraceae

We love, love, love, love, love dandelion. Leaves, stems, flowers, root. The whole of it. All of it. We love dandelion. Listen to your heart when you think what you want, say what you like, do what you love. WE-LOVE-DANDELION. Dandelion root is a tonic, known to cleanse liver, blood, and the digestive system. It strengthens the gallbladder and the stomach in their functions. Dandelion root tisane has a rich, full-bodied, almost black tea taste. For root and bark tisanes, it`s best to pulverize the desired quantity of plant material in a coffee grinder or food processor, then prepare the infusion, and strain the liquid through a coffee filter.

Dandelion roots are rich in vitamins and minerals. Dandelion root tisane prevents and gets rid of cancer.

We wild-harvest dandelion root in the spring and fall in the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan.

The Earth laughs with flowers. May your heart`s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.

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