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Malus sp., Rosaceae

Crabapples have lots of complex flavors concentrated in a very small fruit. They grow in dense clusters with colors varying from yellow and green to orange and red! Crabapples can be hard in texture and sharp or bitter in taste but they soften and ripen in late fall and early winter. Crabapples are added to dishes for their wonderful flavor and tart taste - anything from apple cake to wild game. They are turned into lovely chutneys, marmalades, apple butters, sauces, and jellies. Sliced and dried crabapples are eaten as a healthy snack or they can be added to hot water for a delightful crabapple tea infusion. Dried crabapple slices blend oh-so-well with wild rosehips and red raspberry leaves in an infusion that we call our 'Saskatchewan Sunshine Tisane'. Try it and you will know why we've chosen this name!

Crabapples are rich in fibre, Vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

We hand-pick our wild-harvested crabapples from September through November in abandoned farm-yards around northeastern Saskatchewan.

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