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Betula papyrifera Marsh, Betulaceae

Enjoy our provincial tree in a cup of mild tisane! Only a few birch leaves are brewed into a delicious spring tonic - a tisane with a slightly sweet, floral, almost citrus-like taste. Birch leaf tisane keeps the urinary tract healthy and prevents kidney and bladder stones. Its diuretic properties assist in reducing cellulite and keeping the skin young and radiant. Birch leaf tisane is very bitter if brewed too long. A strong infusion can be used externally as a natural hair wash or added to a relaxing bath.

Birch leaves are rich in Vitamin A and C as well as calcium and iron. Their healing properties have been shown to be diuretic as well as providing relief for mild arthritic pain.

We wild-harvest birch leaves in May in the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan.

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