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Albatrellus ovinus Koutl. & Pouz., Polyporaceae

Consider very seriously that the entire human race has made a gigantic blunder, a mistake so gigantic that we can`t see it, a mistake that practically no one on earth wants to face. The mistake is submission to the overwhelming false power of this world. The great gigantic error that human beings make is defeat, submission to, cowering before the assumed authority and power of this world. I`m talking about this world of human beings in which you are in a state of submission, which means you are also in a state of unconscious rebellion, both of which are wrong for you.

We are talking about a mental state, an emotional state in which humang beings live and in which they are afraid to challenge the condition they are in; and you are not challenging your defeat. You are unconscious when you lash out in anger at anything. Start saying NO!

You can`t change anything. What you can do is to consciously say `no`.

by eternal Vernon Howard.

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