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Lepiota rachodes (Vitt.) Quel., Agaricaceae

Reg`nschiarm-Schwaumma. The Umbrella Mushroom. I picked hundreds and hundreds of them when I was a little girl. So delicious. And so happy that I found them here, too.

Thank you, gorgeous saskatchewan.

Human society is composed of little girls and little boys who are afraid to grow up. This world is like a circus, a carnival show, an insane asylum, a crowd in costumes and masks with everyone fearful that others will see through their disguise. That is insane. The world is insane pretending to be sane with its peace organizations, churches, religions, and moral codes. It also has a false economic system based in competition. Because man is insane, he also has an insane economic system. Your are being hoaxed. And you are consenting to the hoax.

Come, children, let`s shut up their box and the puppets, for their play is played out.

We are meant to self-govern. Govern yourself mentally! Don`t settle another second for any impermanent life, which is all society has to offer.

Let the mad world live a mad life. I have much better things to do with my life here on Earth. Step outside this circle of insanity. You can come home right now. Home to yourself.

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