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Armillaria mellea Vahl, Tricholomataceae

By eternal Diogenes.

You lose the very life you seek when you wallow in stupid luxuries. You don`t need nine-tenths of the things you scramble for.

Don`t be afraid to have nothing. Don`t hesitate to be a nobody.

Happiness is not what you have, but who you are. You are already exactly who you need to be.

See it!  

Be glad you have no need to become anyone at all. You have no  need to become someone who is rich or famous or protected or loved.  Just gladly realize that you are not required to go anywhere to acquire anything. You are not that frantic need - you are the absence of it, just as a beautiful sky is the absence of a storm. So don`t believe in the false need, no matter how long or loud it howls. You will escape a delusion that wrecks millions. Read this item dozens of times.

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