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Dentinum repandum (Fr.) S.F.G., Hydnaceae


A carefree band of horses galloped spiritedly around the hills and meadows. They dined on green grass and drank clear water from cool streams. Living freely and naturally, they lived contendedly.

Along came a famous horse-trainer named Polo. He captured the unsuspecting horses, declaring, I know what is best for them. He bridled the horses, decorated them with cheap ornaments, gave them numbers. Then he made them perform in public. They were forced to trot about in precise formation to the crackling commands of a whip.

The once-carefree horses turned into mechanical performers -- tired, sick, and afraid.

This is how modern society regiments man.

How can we regain our natural and spontaneous feeling for life?

Collect sufficient knowledge and go beyond.

My world is sane. 

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