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Trametes suaveolens (L.ex Fries) Fries., Polyporaceae

There was a man, a scientist, who lived in the very world you live in. He was a world-renown scientist, and he knew the answers to the stars and the seas and the earth; interviewed by newspaper reporters all the time. And on the surface, of course, as we look at him, we would say, here is a man who has it made. Here is a man who has everything that this world has to offer; he has his fame and he has his fortune and he has people seeking him out.

But this man, being a scientist, was a little more investigative of his own life than other people are and he understood that the fame and the acclaim that he had throughout the world, he understood that that was really a very shallow thing.

And he understood it very close to home because in his personal life, when he went home, all by himself, he was intelligent enough to see the difference in his condition when he was all alone and the condition he presented to the world when he was out there among the crowds.

For a long, long time, he wondered about the difference between his public self and his private self. And being a scientist, he decided to investigate it, look into it, put his life under a microscope and try to find out just why there was this difference between his cheerfulness at the banquets and joking with people and giving speeches and the happiness he actually felt when he was all alone, or thinking to himself even when he was with other people.

So he studied for a long, long, long time. Twenty years. He made his mind sort of a scientific laboratory, studied himself as he went around out in the world as he had studied in his own laboratory and wrote scientific papers.

And after a long time of investigation, a very startling thought came to him. Such a startling thought that the sooner you come to it, the better it will be for you, too. And here is what it was -- now think how startling this might be if you were to see this all at once to yourself today -- it became obvious to him that he was not living his own life.

Nothing exterior to us can do it. Recovery is so close we cannot see it, like a man crying and whining for food in pouches, packages, and cans, while waist-deep surrounded by agricultural land and forests.

Man`s psychological imprisonment is a result of a gigantic misunderstanding, a cunning hoax, but a hoax he can expose.

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