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Cantharellus cibarius Fr., Cantharellaceae

A ship named Life set sail for its destination called the Harbor. It carried the usual assortment of passengers found on any ocean voyage.

Running into a battering storm, the ship lost its rudder. The passengers raced around the deck in panic, crying for help. The Officers, who were very proud of being Officers, sought to calm the crowd with assurances that nothing was really wrong. “Just trust us,” they repeated, “and all will go well with you.”

But there was one True Voyager who wondered about it all. Things were not all right, and he knew it. When he asked the Officers why the rudder was not being repaired, they gave evasive answers. When he insistently asked whether they really knew how to make repairs, they curtly reminded him that their word was not to be questioned.

So True Voyager spent his hours at the rail, searching over the sea for sight of land.

Meanwhile, the Officers had set up Counseling Sessions for the bewildered passengers. Handsomely dressed in their neatly pressed uniforms with bright brass buttons, they smilingly advised, “The rudderless way is the natural way. There is no need to think for yourself; just have faith that you are in good hands. We care for you. As for the Harbor you ask about, it is yours in exchange for obedience to us. When in doubt about anything, just come to us. But don’t let your doubts spoil anything. Enjoy yourself, engage in shipboard activities, go shopping, keep yourself busy.”

From time to time, True Voyager tried to persuade the others to join him in his search for land. Hearing of it, the Officers became resentful. In the privacy of their plush quarters, their usual smiles slid away, replaced by dark anger. But the smile soon reappeared as the Officers stood on deck to warn the passengers about True Voyager: “Beware of that man. He is a strange one. Remain true to your Officers, who care so much for you. We care so much that we don’t’ want to burden you with thinking for yourselves.”

Dazzled by the Officers’ bright brass buttons, the passengers nodded gratefully, all in unison.

One day, while gazing seaward, True Voyager sighted land. He called to the others who were seated on deck in a Counseling Session. They sat stiffly, as if in a hypnotic trance, their faces dazedly reflecting the dazzle of the Officers’ bright brass buttons.

Knowing they could not hear him, True Voyager turned away. Leaping overboard, he swam to solid soil and land, where there were hundreds and thousands of chanterelles flushing from underneath the lichen.

Do you feel that you don`t have the facts about Life but want to learn them?

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