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Cantharellus cibarius Fr., Cantharellaceae

Saskatchewan chanterelles are the perfection of a chanterelle. It is Saskatchewan's semiarid climate that endows its chanterelles with a low moisture content and with an intensely concentrated fragrance. Compared to chanterelles from other parts of this world, Saskatchewan chanterelles are highly valued for their superior quality, which is attributed to their dryness, firmness, silky-velvety touch, golden color, smaller sizes, round shapes, intense aroma and flavor, and cleanness. The quality of Saskatchewan chanterelles is by far the best you can find. Worldwide. And we are proud of it. Saskatchewan chanterelles are mild to spicy-peppery.

Chanterelles are rich in carotenoides and Vitamin A (useful for eyesight and dry skin problems). Burbot liver and chanterelles constitute the most concentrated natural food sources of Vitamin D. People in higher latitudes often suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies during the long and dark winter. Wild edible mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing properties. They enhance the immune system and they assist in reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

We wild-harvest our Saskatchewan chanterelles from mid-July through mid-October in northern Saskatchewan.

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