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Elderflower Syrup Image Elderflower Syrup Image

Sambucus nigra L., Adoxaceae

My Grandaunt, a commercial fisher-woman, lived on the shores of a lake in the Austrian Alps. She was famous for her smoked fish, of course, but she was also famous for her homemade lemonade. Very aromatic and delectable elderflower syrup was mixed with lots of fresh, cold water. An Austrian recipe handed down from generation to generation is filled in a bottle. The subtle sweet scent and delicate fragrance of cream-colored elderflower blossoms will surprise you.

We prepare our elderflower syrup using dried elderberry flowers. Elderflower syrup is used for drinks, lemonade, or iced tea. Simply mix with water and enjoy! Try a little over your crêpes or in hot cereal. Or use it medicinally to prevent a cold. The taste of elderflowers is unique and unforgettable. Certainly one of my best childhood memories.

A little Austrian folk wisdom — Elder trees (or "Holunder") are sacred, protecting people, animals, and spaces from negative energies. If you see an elder tree, bow in reverence.

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