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Angora Rabbits Image Angora Rabbits Image

Oryctolagus cuniculus L., Leporidae

The Angora rabbit is a fibre rabbit known as Das Menschenheilkaninchen in my homeland Austria. It means the human healing rabbit, referring to the healing properties of Angora fibre. The fibre works wonders for arthritis and rheumatism. Angora rabbits also make the most wonderful pets - gentle, friendly, affectionate, quiet, and very social animals with a great personality.

The natural colors of Angoras range from white to black and everything inbetween, pearl, blonde, opal, fawn, yellow, cinnamon, caramel, copper, red, chestnut, chocolate, and grey, with red, brown, black, or blue eyes.

Every two to three months, I shear my Angora rabbits. The rabbits are not harmed but love the attention of being clipped. Super-warm luxury fibre, that`s silky-soft, light-weight, and seven times warmer than sheep wool, is turned into many different projects, from handspun yarn to felted soaps and from woven shawls to felted slippers. It`s been my passion since early childhood.

If you are interested in raw or handcarded Angora rabbit fibre (again, the rabbit is not harmed during shearing), email me.   

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