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The Truth is NAME, PERSON, SIGNATURE = 6, 6, 6.    Let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.   Revelation 13:16-18. 

Study the Justinian Deception justiniandeception.wordpress.com/ and www.wi-cancer.info

We love self-governance. Office hours: Eternally Now. Office location: Eternally Here.

You may send correspondence to me, the living woman elisabeth:poscher, in care of my rented Post Office Box (see below). I am not a Box, POB, PO BOX, P.O. BOX, etc.

Elisabeth of the family Poscher. c/o Post Office Box 118. Love Saskatchewan. S0J1P0. 

Know that I am no longer permitted to open letters that use false grammatical structures for my lawful Name and Mailing Address, such as ALL-CAPITAL-LETTER styled names, abbreviated names, names arranged front to back or back to front, separated with comma or not, with titles of all kinds, etc. 

I am not a name!

If I do not reply, I did not receive your message. I thank you for trying to contact me. I am not on social media (and never will be!).

I have no phone and no email any longer. Reason being: over the course of 2017, I found out that SaskTel does not provide services to living people, only corporate franchises! Ouuups.   

Enjoy your awakening.   

Enlightenment and Hope in this profoundly confused world.

Much Love to you.


The Torch River Runs Through It.

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