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Picea glauca (Moench) Voss, Pinaceae

Discover the wonderful flavor of evergreen trees! The bright bluish-green, tender new growth on spruce trees emerges in the spring, vibrating with life in this season of renewal and regrowth. Spruce tips can be steamed or sauteed as vegetables or combined with fish and wild game. In baking, they 'spruce up' your favorite cookies, cakes, bread, and shortbread. Try spruce tip mayonnaise and marinades. Indulge into candied spruce tips, spruce tip syrup, and spruce tip jelly. Spruce tips are the ultimate part of a Canadian martini. Have you ever tried Alaskan spruce beer made with spruce tips? Dehydrated spruce tips are prepared as a tisane. Or they delicately infuse salt and your favorite oil. Edibles from evergreens - who would have known?

Spruce tips are exceptionally rich in Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and iron.

We hand-pick our wild-harvested spruce tips in May in northern Saskatchewan. For those of you who indulge in edible evergreen tips, we also wild-harvest wonderfully tender fir tips.

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