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Rheum rhubarbarum L., Polygonaceae

Wild rhubarb grows along the Volga in Russia and was introduced to North America in the early 1800s. Although mostly domesticated today, the gorgeous wild rhubarb can still be found along streams and rivers. Rhubarb is a very hardy, perennial plant. Botanically speaking, it is a vegetable! Its leaf stalks are the edible part of the plant, so wonderfully tart, fleshy, and crisp. Considered as one of the top ten superfoods, rhubarb stalks are usually stewed and used in pies, tarts, and many other desserts. They also pair exceptionally well with lamb or lentils. Rhubarb can be canned and makes delicious sweet and sour sauces. Or mix rhubarb with wild berries and make fruit leather. Dehydrated rhubarb turns into one of the loveliest tisanes, iced teas, and veggie cocktails with carrots and beets.

Rhubarb is rich in Vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, and dietary fibre. It has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine as a laxative.

We wild-harvest our rhubarb stalks from May through September in northern Saskatchewan.

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