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Wildcrafting (or wild-harvesting) is the practice of gathering plants, plant parts, mushrooms, and lichens by hand in their natural environment. These wildcrafted treasures are used for food, medicines, and crafts.

We offer Saskatchewan Wild Food Baskets year-round; i.e., a monthly box with a variety of wildcrafted delicacies delivered to you via bus Tuesdays or Thursdays. Small $50 per basket. Large $100 per basket. 

Email us for more details.

In 2009, I started Prairie Infusions out of a feeling of urgency and helplessness due to climate change. Climate change is the most important issue of our time. That`s because everything that gives us life on this planet depends on the health and well-being of the natural world. In 2015, climate change is now irreversible. Efficiency rather than meaning has brought us to this point. Become aware about the existence of our relationships with nature and mindful about the reality of our actions to this planet and ourselves. Connect with our natural world. Reduce, reuse, refuse, repair, and share. The 21st century will have to be spiritual, or it will not be. We need consciousness.

Our 160-acre Forest Garden is an entirely natural quarter of land in Saskatchewan where we wildcraft mushrooms, berries, and forest botanicals. It is our sanctuary, our Walden, a lovely and remote piece of land, where life and life cycles are supported, biodiversity promoted, ecosystem services cherished, and ecological health achieved in order to maintain a balance with the natural world. We enjoy sharing our wild-harvest with you. 

If you need help, advice, or guidance with starting your own local wild food venture, do not hesitate to contact me.

With love, Elisabeth Poscher, Ph.D. (in Arid Lands Resource Sciences, University of Arizona) 

Recommended literature and documentaries

(1) Mother Earth Spirituality: Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World. 1990 by Ed McGaa.

(2) Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret. 2014 by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn.   

(3) Steal a Tree, Go to Jail; Steal a Forest, Meet the President. 2008 by Jeffrey St. Clair. 

(4) Political Ponerology. 2007 by Andrew Lobaczewski.

(5) Inequality For All. 2013 by Jacob Kornbluth.  

(6) Debt: the first 5000 years. 2011 by David Graeber.

(7) Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link. 2012 by Bernard Lietaer et al.

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