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Everything you want to know about the world, you can know by following the money. It is that simple. It is that mindboggingly simple because money is monopoly capital. Anything and everything needs to be financed. Politics is entertainment. Wars are meat-grinders. Media repeat lies for a pay-cheque. Have you ever asked yourself how people with no qualifications whatsoever work their way into positions of power? Why thou shall not kill but in war killing is allowed, even desirable? Why media project constant fear every day? We are all programmed, conditioned, mind-controlled, and continuously divided, some of us in unspeakably horrific and traumatic ways. Not all humans have been divided in the most traumatic ways, unimaginable to a normal human being; however, they are still influenced by the same structures and concepts to think with, and they face the barriers in place to make sure they don`t cause disruption to the system. Should they make any significantly positive impact, the rulers quickly add new structures to the system to suffocate these efforts. The world is held hostage by money. Monopoly money that is. Only psychopaths would put such a monetary system into place. Fake silly numbers in a computer or worthless colorful coupons!? You just have to shake your head in disbelief. The game is to get everyone in a state of fear and helplessness, and most importantly, always divided. Always divided. Always divided.

Awakening means to tear down the layers of programming and perception that hold you to ignorance. I think we just forgot who we are!  Did you know, it`s up to each one of us to determine the world we live in? Are you too distracted and bamboozled by their trivia, sports, porn, TV, movies, netflix, facebook, games, toys, wars, conflicts, fake media, and legalized amnesia haze? NO? Then, take 35 minutes and listen to this interview.

Listen carefully to Ronald Bernard`s moment of awakening. Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider.

Awakening (or learning to grow up) explained in five minutes here (in German)

DEPROGRAMMING. The doors to my Fullcircle Healing Space are always open. I am a human being, free and independent and caring and compassionate, specializing in the health and well-being of my fellow humans as well as my animal and plant siblings. In case you are wondering, I did go through their entire indoctrination/dumbing-down/thought-manipulation/mind-control program aka education, from elementary school to Ph.D. including post-doc, and I did, surprisingly enough, come out of that phase sane, knowing one thing for sure: nothing worth learning can be taught (Oscar Wilde). That`s when I decided in 2009 that I am going to live in God`s country north of Love for some serious deprogramming. It`s been a beautiful journey. Start your own journey of awakening today! Reclaim your power. Please contact me if you need any help. Email me or write a letter. Live and let live. Always remember, we are electrical beings, and we are not divided.   The greatest polluting element in the earth`s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. -- Dr. Robert O. Becker.

AWAKENING. We offer a White Zone, an electrosmog-free zone for the Electrohypersensitive (widely known as Targeted Individuals or also known as human beings who we never hear about), an open space of awareness, consciousness, awakeness, and being, in our 65-ha Forest Garden. I do not allow any darkness in my life. Everyone who doesn`t have a healthy and electrosmog-free home to live any longer, you may stay in our Forest Garden as long as you wish. In our Forest Garden, the high-frequency microwave radiation measures <0.1 microW/m2, magnetic field is <10 nT, and electric field is <2 V/m. Find relief and recover from your EHS symptoms. Find peace, beauty, harmony, and tranquility. Above all, de-program. Email me or write a letter. Note: We do not have WiFi. We pretend it`s 1995. We talk to each other. We speak. We hear. We see. We sing. We laugh. We dance. There is a time and a season for everything. Check out the electromagnetic radiation guidelines and see what you see   Is it really just a coincidence that there are so many cancers, suicides, Alzheimer, ADHD, mental illnesses, etc. in this age of wireless technology?    World events do not occur by accident; they are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings. -- Denis Healey. 

NOURISHING. We used to offer Wild Food Baskets year-round delivered via STC to your bus depot or doorstep; i.e., a seasonal box, small or large, filled with wholesome, nourishing, nurturing, nutritious, and healing delicacies from our beautiful, life-giving, and loving Nature. The Government of Saskatchewan (Premier Brad Wall) announced at the end of March 2017 that the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC)   will be wound down at the end of May 2017 to fill the holes of the money magic. Could someone please tell me, why do governments borrow money from private banks when the people have the power to create money interest-free? I assume, as to STC, it`ll be the age-old Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS) strategy. They create the problem but they already have the solution worked out as well. Another privatization firesale. While we are unable to provide fresh, seasonal wild foods to you after May of  2017, we will keep the sun shining and continue wild-harvesting, collectively creating, and making the road for new hopes, new visions, and new horizons. Thank you, STC, we love you.    It is not the nature of politics that the best men should be elected. The best men do not want to govern their fellowmen. -- George MacDonald 

SELF-RELIANCE. Because we love to eat good food from this earth, we wild-harvest mushrooms, herbs, and berries in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan. We enjoy sharing our wild-harvest with you. So if you are interested in any of our dried wild mushrooms and wild tisanes, we exchange our wild-harvested delicacies with your wildharvested, handcrafted, handmade treasures. Email me or write a letter.      

After planting her seeds, Prairie Infusions has been able to grow naturally ever since, like a tree or a human, maintaining a balance with the natural world.

Our Forest Garden is a garden of compassion, empathy, peaceful co-existence, empowerment, and positive energy. It is my living space, my astral hermitage, an electrosmog-free sanctuary, infused with Nature, an entirely natural quarter of forest and grassland in Saskatchewan where we wildharvest mushrooms, berries, and forest botanicals. It is my home, my shelter, my retreat, a lovely and remote piece of land cradled vibrationally in harmony and balance with the pulse of the Earth. We find clear, fresh air, solitude, and calm positive, nourishing energy on our shaded forest paths and wintry Nordic ski trails. We provide shelter for our animal and plant siblings. We support life and life cycles and we joyously celebrate our beloved trees and plants, offering ecological health and spiritual guidance and balance within us. There is no wireless technology, AC electricity, and ground current in our forest garden, but I promise, you will find a better connection in our forest garden. 

There is no condition that is incurable or hopeless. All life is magnetic and all life pulsates in time to the Earth at 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance. The Earth is a pulsating heart, full of energy and vibration. We are beings of light, frequency, electricity, and magnetism.

Everything within us and around us is energy. It is everywhere and available to all. Connect with it. When the minds of humans are free, the need for leaders fades like the shadows in the early morning light. Be free!

Be healthy. Be well. Be calm. Be self-reliant. Be creative, peaceful, and compassionate. There is only one truth.    But truth is truth, they know I don`t play, so negativity I deflect away. -- Louise Clarke

Universal love be with you for ever and ever,

Elisabeth of the family Poscher


It is supposedly 2017. If you seek the truth with all of your heart, you will find the truth. Wake up and fear not. The truth will set you free.

MUST LISTEN: Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider.  By the way, the global monetary system is monopoly capital. Yes, it sure is. By issuing money as debt, repayable with interest, we all need to find the money for the interest somewhere. We can sell our commons (i.e., public assets) to monopoly capital until we are bankrupt, deprived of all property, totally enslaved, and our children wake up homeless, and while we are doing that, we can squeeze our life support, the Earth, some more by digging, pumping, fishing, harvesting, logging, polluting, scraping, fracking, mining, etc. You do understand that their debt money system requires the systematic destruction of this planet, right? Well good, so that`s the rule then of their money game. Do you like it? Once you realize the truth about money, poverty is a crime.     Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Defend the rights of all those who have nothing. Speak up and judge fairly. Defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverb 31:8-9.     Have you seen enough death, wars, destruction, burnings, conflicts, destruction, violence, competition, fights, divorces, diseases, bankruptcies, arguments, homelessness, and crucifixions yet? What are you waiting for? To see people dropping dead in your street? You will probably not see dead bodies in the streets. The casualties are wasting away in homes and hospitals. Please, can we solve this silly money dilemma peacefully this time around?      

If you are looking for a very short and sobering summary about everything, read Mark M. Rich`s Planetary Sabotage and Human Extermination. Download book for free on Mark M. Rich`s website


See  The Stupidity of Money - Thicker than Water 

You may be interested in this:

ღ Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski.  

ღ You will find an excellent introduction into psychopathy in Mark M. Rich`s New World War - Revolutionary methods for political control.   p. 44 Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald wrote in November of 1975: The most important issue of our time is the effort by these wealthy elite to create a global government which would combine capitalism and communism. Their intentions are incredibly evil.

ღღღ REQUIRED READING FOR OUR BELOVED CHILDREN: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L`Engle.    And please, do me a favour, take responsibility for your children and get them out of and away from schools, churches, and all other of their organized groups. 

ღ Retired Judge Barbara Domberger`s story about Electrohypersensitivity can be downloaded here     

ღ  Mother Earth Spirituality: Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World. 1990 by Ed McGaa 

ღ  The hidden life of trees: what they feel and how they communicate. 2016 by Peter Wohlleben. Live well!

ღ  Occupy Money: Creating an Economy where Everybody Wins. 2012 by Margrit Kennedy.

ღ  Planet Irth and ElectroSensitives. 2010 by Magda Havas.

ღ  Desperately Seeking White Zone. Documentary. 2014 by Marc Khanne.

ღ  What We Don`t See. Documentary. 2014 by Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt.

ღ  Take Back Your Power. Documentary. 2013 by Josh del Sol.  

ღ Subscribe to the channel The Nature Of The Cage and watch all of their uploaded videos. You have to first see the cage before you can get out. Free yourself!

ღ  How we are killing ourselves - Wireless Radiation. With English subtitles watch here  

ღ   Check these websites and see what you think    and   and  and and   


ღ The most important book of the 21st century -- it opens eyes to see and ears to hear: Where did the towers go? The evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11. By Dr. Judy Wood.     

ღ Tick Tock: An awareness of satanic ritual abuse by Casey Winterburn.   Standing at the edge of the world, with no where else to go, angels flying above and demons down below, with arms spread wide and head held high, I boldly leap and hope I`ll fly.

ღ And the most important book forever and ever: THE BIBLE. In this marvel, you will find all the answers that you are looking for. By the way, the Bible has nothing to do with religions.

Please email me or write a letter, if you want to borrow the books listed here, instead of buying. I have a library in our Forest Garden, waiting for you. By the way, we don`t ever cut the budget of our library!

My website is dedicated to the memory of Ted Gunderson, Seth Rich, Eustace Mullins, Nancy Schaefer, George Carlin, Udo Ulfkotte, Serena Shim, Michael Ruppert, Andreas Clauss, Rauni Kilde, Michael Hastings, Lawrence P. McDonald, Margrit Kennedy, and the countless more humans who have lost their lives because they tried to warn us.  Let`s not forget the millions of Targeted Individuals (also known as EHS) who are silently and tracelessly tortured every day by directed-energy weapons and by this incessant explosion of unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies from your wireless nonsense, whose voices were taken, whose families, careers, and finances were destroyed, who were discredited, maimed, ostracized, and ridiculed, simply because they are telling the truth. Their courage is inspiring. Beware of any environment saving, economy saving, and climate saving campaigns in your community. Climate change is an engineered crisis as they want your compliance implementing Agenda 21.  

 “This universe is a mass shared dream that all seven billion of us are collaboratively dreaming up into materialization. When we realize this, we can put our lucidity together so that we can co-creatively dream a much more grace-filled universe into incarnation. This is nothing other than an evolutionary quantum leap in human consciousness, unimaginable until now.” --Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko    
Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth; burst into jubilant song with music. Psalm 98:4 

God is the understanding of natural law, a universal moral order, true knowledge, true care, will power, responsibility, self-respect, empathy, compassion, courage, persistence.   

May your senses gather you and bring you home.