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Old pirates, yes, they rob I; sold I to the merchant ships; minutes after they took I from the bottomless pit. But my hand was made strong by the Hand of the Almighty. --- Bob Marley, Redemption Song.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our mind. Have no fear for atomic energy, `cause none of them can stop the time. --- Bob Marley, Redemption Song.

WE-LIVE-IN-A-WORLD-OF-SUNSHINE-AND-BEAUTY. How then can humans be so lost in this beautiful world of infinite energy, abundance, and perfection?  Humanity is drowning in the Sea of inland piracy, press-ganging, peonage, fraud, identity theft, unlawful conversion, some more fraud, personage, barratry, human trafficking, more fraud, treason, enslavement, securities fraud, extortion, racketeering, and gross breach of trust, and many more which you want to educate yourself about here , and among many other boats and ships drifting, missing, presumed dead, lost at sea, humanity is drowing in a sea of Electromagnetic Pollution. Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. Except for a few sensitive beings. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of many is slowly but steadily destroyed, never knowing why they have fallen ill. Is humanity on a suicide mission? What if I told you that`s all by design?  It is called commerce and the Kingdom of Lies.  Did you know that your Birth Certificate is a Death Certificate? Yep, living people are reduced down to dead, fictitious, corporate entities. Did you know that Canada is not CANADA? Did you know that Saskatchewan is not the province of Saskatchewan and is not the Province of Saskatchewan and is not the PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN? Yep, sure so. A primitive yet deceptive and fraudulent name game for fun and sport of the few to rob, deceive, sicken, and kill the many innocent people. Your system, that you choose to live in, is a primitive word game, fully relying on your own ignorance. We found the enemy! It is ourselves. Our phoney, lying, deceiving selves. Our cunning, complacent, hostile selves. Our hateful, jealous, greedy selves. Our fake and unconscious selves manifesting a fearful, colorable, stupid, soul-harvesting, fake reality.  Drop the shackles -- they are made of paper!  I do not enjoy having ideas imposed upon me by a profoundly confused society.  One day, mankind will all live in eternal happiness.  Today, it is 2018, and  it sure is a long way off for many.   

Delusions, errors, and lies are like huge, gaudy vessels, the timbers of which are faulty, and those who embark on them are asking to be ship-wrecked. -- Buddha 

The mobile phone is a suicide tool and yet the dream of many.  Wireless technology uses RF microwaves for transmitting voice and data.  Do you know that WiFi operates at 2.45 Ghz, the same frequency that your microwave oven operates on? Would you stick your head in a microwave oven or your child? Anyway, antenna sickness is everywhere now.  The story of wireless technology is a revelation of immense corporate, political, and legal malfeasance. It is a story of profiteers who have knowingly exposed unsuspecting workers and consumers (as well as non-cellphone-users like myself) to a sure and painful death. Pulsed information-bearing microwaves damage the DNA, initiate and promote cancer, induce heart/circulatory malfunction, gradually disable the brain, and gravely endanger the eyes.  

Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same. --- Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, , Bilderberg Group 1979.

Update by Anna Von Reitz, October 12, 2017:   What we are looking at is an unimaginably large institutionalized and automated and syndicated Fraud Machine designed to work on multiple levels and accomplish multiple, often interlocking functions: (1) steal the value of assets from governments and people; (2) steal the value of their time and labor from people; (3) do this by means of identity theft and falsification of records; (4) steal tax exemptions owed to people and their private vessels; (5) bilk insurance companies and use insurance companies to bilk living people; (6) promote racketeering using paid commercial mercenaries disguised as government employees; (7) carry out illicit revenue-producing activities based on merely presumed political and private contractual agreements; (8) automate rule making and generation of warrants by unauthorized parties; (9) fraud and coercion and false claims of authority carried out by members of the Bar Association orchestrating and running this whole machine in behalf of the Principals responsible.   Source

Live at peace with everyone. Do not avenge yourselves, joes, but leave room for God`s wrath. For it is written: Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says God.  --- Romans 12:18-19 

God (the Donor) gave the Earth (the Asset) to Man (the Trustee) for all future generations (the Beneficiary). Did you know that God is electromagnetic energy? Yes, sure is, God creates this Universe and the Earth. Electromagnetic energy can create life where life is not present. What frequency, you ask? The Love frequency. GOD-IS-LOVE. Truth is God and God is Light and Light is Love and Love is God.    God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God lives in him. God is love. -- 1 John 4:16.     Have you really forgotten all of this? Well, here is some more. Some electromagnetic frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum can create, while others can destroy. Now, your wireless technology uses electromagnetic frequencies to satisfy your addiction and to destroy. These are electromagnetic frequencies in the RF/microwave range that destroy you, your health, the health of your children, and your world, slowly but surely. To add insult to injury, many use wireless devices for bullying, to spread hatred and lies and anger, their gossip and vile language; i.e., all of which are frequencies that destroy. Albert Einstein said very correctly, everything is energy and that`s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.    We are ONE human family and there is no superior but God alone. What kind of future would you like to see for this world? Hell which is a refusal to stop lying to yourself and others? Or Heaven which is Love and Truth, doing no harm, keeping the peace, and loving others as you would be loved? Did you know that when you walk the path of Truth, you cannot take sides? Truth is singular. No choice. No duality. Truth is Truth.  

The Truth is that this world is not what you make yourself believe. Read the Bible. It is not a religious book. The Bible is the story of you. The story how God gave the Earth to Man for the benefit of all future generations. The story how God`s Trust was corrupted and how we`ve ended up living in the world of the Dead. The story of the remedy to end this corruption and fraud. Their dead system is based on a deceptive word game for fun and sport to defraud innocent people, like you and I. Why is such a system still in place? Because you haven`t read the bible yet and YOU are still playing their game, without knowing it, right?  So do you know who you are? Are you a name or a living, breathing being?  Are you john-quincy:adams, John Quincy Adams, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, John Q. ADAMS, perhaps ADAMS, John Quincy or ADAMS John Quincy, maybe JQ Adams or J.Q. Adams, and so on. Know who you are and then check your name on your letters in the mail carefully next time, well that is to say if you still receive any letters. Check your bank account then or your utility billing statements.  Now, do you see the wizard? Because Toto has opened the curtain. What a stupid game, don`t you think?  Let me tell you this: if this Earth is your home and you desire a future for yourself and your children, you will have to look with real eyes to realize real lies and you must come home. Your choice. I know that there is no place like home. May the Truth set you free. You know something is wrong when ...

The Past, Present, and Future run in the same space time concurrently: if you would like to predict what happened in the future, all you have to do is re-member it. -- Albert Einstein   

Can you remember the future?  Here is a little help. Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology

Rendered helpless by irresistible wireless addiction and hypnotized by their dependence on wireless devices, the masses remain silent and submissive in a carcinogenic environment they cannot comprehend. Adolf Hitler`s Final Solution was dirty, noisy, labor intensive, and widely resisted. By comparison, today`s wireless genocide operation is subtle and sophisticated. Never before in history have humans been so cleverly induced to slowly exterminate themselves -- and happily pay big money for the privilege.   --  

Cellular Deception  by Oona McOuat 

No more silencing of those who want to speak. Turn off your TVs, news, sports, movies, games, entertainment, porn, advertising, and dumb phones. Communicate with real and alive humans who haven`t had a voice in a long time and were silenced.  Educate yourself, actively listen, engage in thinking, and start asking questions. Did you know that a homeless human who has ten dollars in his shopping cart in bottles has more personal wealth than 90% of the rest of Canada?  Did you know that CANADA is not Canada?    Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge, while stupidity is a refusal to collect needed knowledge.   Why is this whole world in such a chaotic state? Violence and wars everywhere. People glued to monitors and shopping malls. Is this really human nature or is this YOU? Did you know that a name that`s written in ALL-CAPITAL letters can only be one of two things? (1) a corporation of some kind, (2) a dead man`s ESTATE.  Do you know who you truly are? Are you a name or a NAME or a name from back to front or a NAME with middle initial abbreviated? Did you know that you can learn more from a human being who can make a good pair of shoes than a human being who can buy a good pair of shoes?  My presence in this artificially electrified and permanently microwaved so-called ci-vilized and pro-gressive world of yours is limited. Dirty AC electricity and wireless technology  weaken, sicken, and eventually kill you. So here are a few thoughts to get you started.  Let`s get the future right this time, shall we?

A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot  be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins ...  --- Benjamin Franklin

Read this essential book (it is written in a way that even if you have never read a book in your life and don`t like reading, you can read it):    You know something is wrong when ... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause. By Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher.   This is probably the best book I have ever read. An eye-opener.

Everything you want to know about this world, you can know by following the money. It is that simple here. It is that mindboggingly simple because money is a legalized monopoly. Every war, every election, every terrorist attack, every refugee crisis, every revolution, every charity, every ideology (i.e., all -isms), every bandwagon, etc. need to be financed. Politics is corporate entertainment. Wars are corporate meat-grinders. Media engage in corporate social engineering and occult indoctrination. Politicans, war-shippers, and media, they all follow orders and repeat lies for a pay-cheque. Yes, and YOU do the same, too! Too ignorant about who you are and too dependent on a silly-number monopoly money pay-cheque preventing you from starting to ask questions. To distract and mystify the gullible who never have any idea what`s really going on. Check this out   or this   hey or how about this    Let`s ask a few questions. Have you ever asked yourself how people with no qualifications whatsoever work their way into positions of power? Why thou shall not kill but in war killing is allowed, even desirable? Why media project constant fear and hate every day? Do you know why everything is always scarce when we live in a world of total abundance? Why money has become some type of idol religion when it is only a tool, a medium of exchange? Think about it, money is only a tool, now would you bow in front of your rake or your sack of hammers every night? And for the most brainwashed, please explain to me, will ya, how can money possibly grow or procreate? YOU make all this possible. So-called money (which is debt) is created out of nothing by the monopoly without creating the interest money in this process. He who creates is responsible. Have you ever wondered where you are going to find the colorful paper aka money for the interest payment when they didn`t create it? Do you comprehend that when money is issued as debt, as it is, and you are using this type of debt-money, whatever you do or purchase, you are always going deeper into debt? Hello anyone out there? Did you know that the wealth of the rulers consists of the bankruptcy of nations because YOU consent? Are you catching on? Are there no so-called leaders anywhere who stand up to this Babylonian money monster nonsense? Oh yes, there were, for example John F. Kennedy, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and Robert F. Kennedy, but they were all assassinated by some supposed lone gunman. Odd, isn`t it?  Perhaps you can tell me: what does a central banker do on the Head of the Warren Commission? 

Do you know how much tax you pay? by Jerry Day 

We are all programmed from the day we are born. Each one of us. Not you, you say? Especially YOU.  We are actually born into a fraud of monstrous proportions. We are then minutes after our birth immediately signed over and sold into slavery, followed by vac-cinated, con-ditioned, mind-controlled, e-ducated, man-ipulated, vac-cinated some more, dumbed-down beyond recognition, pun-ished, slowly poisoned, in-doctrinated, in recent decades micro-waved, and continuously di-vided, some of us in unspeakably horrific and traumatic ways. Some beings successfully deprogram or they never get sucked into this entire crooked system of fraud, lies, and deceit in the first place; however, they are still influenced by the same structures and concepts to think with, and they face the barriers in place to make sure they don`t cause disruption to this train wreck system. Should they make any significantly positive impact, the rulers` puppets quickly add new structures to the system to suffocate these efforts. It is estimated that 99% of the people who administer this train wreck for the rulers have no clue that they could possibly be doing anything wrong. Are you one of those people?

Secrets of the Slave State by Jerry Day 

Do you know that there is only one truth? Do you want to know the truth? Follow the money. After all, again, the rulers lend so-called money that doesn`t exist to GOVERNMENTS and charge interest on it. That by itself does not sound kosher to me. Only psychopaths would put such a system into place.      Then I heard another voice from heaven: come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins or receive any of her plagues.  --- Revelation 18:4       But, dear fellow humans, you tell me who is crazier, though, the monopoly who creates the debt or YOU who spends the rest of your life to create the money to settle their debt!? You just have to shake your head in disbelief. In the meantime, everyone is brainwashed with trivialities, inundated with the boob-tube, and microwaved into oblivion by their wireless devices and manipulated into a state of total fear and helplessness, and most importantly, disagreement and divisionism. Always divided. Always divided. And at one point, it`s reset time and this boring mind game starts anew.   The real crisis, however, is not a financial or political or economical or environmental crisis; it is a crisis of consciousness. You have actively participated in creating this system or YOU have silently and unknowingly consented in creating an immoral, uncivilized, sick, morbid, degenerate, hateful, destructive, and desperate society. The crisis is really within ourselves.     What if you could change the world by changing your perspective of it? Would you?     

Die Wahrheit ueber unser System by Sarah Lesch

Awakening or Awareness means to tear down the layers of programming and perception that hold you to ignorance.  It`s mind-boggling to see how many people are still, in 2017, following orders of their masters. Following orders to collect private bank notes or fake numbers in a computer.     If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to Man as it is -- infinite. --- William Burke     Have you woken up yet to the fact that a group of crooks running a private, for-profit, mostly foreign-owned corporation usurped rightful governments all around the world, except North Korea and Iran? No? Well you better get educated here   I know that we just forgot who we are. We are spiritual beings. Imagine what you know. Did you know that electromagnetics and water form the matrix of life? Yes, aliveness not walking dead or lost at sea. Did you know that tearing down energy fields, opens up moral decay? Did you know, it`s up to each one of us to determine and create the world we live in? Do you think you can quit your addiction of 24/7 senselessly microwaving this electromagnetic universe? Are you too distracted, too bamboozled, and too desensitized by their profit-over-integrity-programming, such as trivia, sports, politics, porn, TV, filth, movies, fiat money, election charades, facebook, games, toys, wars, conflicts, fake media, cooking shows, and soon-to-be legalized amnesia haze? Did you know that in order to be legal, a matter does not have to follow the law? How much longer are YOU going to participate and waste your precious life-energy in this absolutely horrific system of memes, lies, secrets, deceptions, and controlled opposition, and allow it to continue? Do your research and find out, please, that it gets even worse before it gets better.  Do you even remotely realize the level of deception that you are kept under?  How aware do you think you are on a scale from 0 to 10? Minus 110?  Love does not hide behind arcane mysteries, occult conspiracies, and obscene practices.  -- Eustace Mullins 

Senator Daniel Inouye on Rights and Government 

God, Money and Lies by Jerry Day 

It`s time, wake up, dear humans of this earth! Listen carefully to Mark Passio on who controls governments

Awakening (or learning to grow up) explained in five minutes here (in German)

Time to wake up.  Please question the reality you`re being sold       

We must learn that passively to accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil. -- Martin Luther King Jr. 

DEPROGRAMMING-AND-EMPOWERING.   The doors to my Fullcircle Zeropoint Innerversity (in the Land Jurisdiction canada unincorporated) are always open. The only way out is within, being centered in your heart in the here and now. There is no superior but God alone. Love can accomplish anything. I am a living, breathing, eternal, sentient soul-being, an alive and living woman who can read and think, I am free and loving and caring and compassionate about the health and well-being of my fellow beings as well as my animal relatives and plant siblings. I operate in zero-dimension at zeropoint. It is infinite space without measure and without comparison. I share pure, untaught, non-inferential knowledge, such as a foreign language that you can learn in five seconds or less (!), proper English grammar and silence, creative thinking, self-healing with all diseases and illnesses, and spiritual seeing aka intuition. Knowledge is power only when it is integrated and applied. In fact, to be totally honest, knowledge without insight is like a horse in a library. Know that there is no condition that is incurable or hopeless. And that includes ignorance! There are many illnesses but only one cause -- a totally unnatural, dishonest, indifferent, cunning, lying, and lifeless way of being.  Yep, you heard that right, it`s all energy, they call it karma, aura, or for-whatever-one-sows-that-will-he-also-reap.  Now, in case you are wondering about my credentials, if it helps you any, I did go through their entire indoctrination/dumbing-down/thought-manipulation/mind-control program aka education, from elementary school to Ph.D. including post-doc, and I did, surprisingly enough, come out of that phase sane, knowing one thing for sure: nothing worth learning can be taught (Oscar Wilde) and the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing (Socrates). That`s when I decided in 2009 that I am going to live in God`s country south-I-mean-north of Love for some serious deprogramming and inlook. It`s been an absolutely gorgeous and be-au-tiful journey. We found land in this vast landlocked ocean called the PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN.  When you see and understand Truth, you can see through all the nonsense. Please contact me if you need any help with raising your awareness, gaining health and aliveness, saving yourself from drowning. Email me or write a letter. Live and let live. Always remember, we are electromagnetic beings in an electromagnetic universe. We are very special, noble, powerful, intelligent, divine, and never divided. And we are eternal beings. We need to start creating the world that we want to live in. Let`s rebuild this world for the good of everyone.   The greatest polluting element in the earth`s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. -- Dr. Robert O. Becker.     

AWARENESS-AND-AWAKENING.   The doors to my Aut-ark Elysium, an electrosmog-free Forest Garden for the Electrohypersensitive (widely known as Targeted Individuals or also known as human beings who you never hear about) and for everyone else who needs to find a bethel away from the Land of Oz, are always open. It is an open space of awareness, consciousness, awakeness, and being. It is an eternal celebration to canada, this beautiful land, the light of this world. God placed this aut-ark land into our hands to take care of it for the benefit of all future generations. Please follow the three Laws of the Air on this Land. (1) Keep the peace. (2) Do no harm. (3) Love others as you would be loved. Welcome to the Land of the Living People. Unincorporated. Now and Eternally Now. About 150 years ago, this world was almost pristine. On the electromagnetic spectrum, we had life, lightning, and light, some cosmic radiation and radioactive rocks. Today, we find no empty space on the electromagnetic spectrum any longer. Once you understand that life is electromagnetic, you will comprehend that wireless technology can hardly be called pro-gress. It is called spiritual warfare. Everyone who doesn`t have a healthy and electrosmog-free home to live life any longer, you may stay in our Elysium as long as you wish. It`s a bit difficult to get here as the way is hard and those who find it are few. When you finally get here, enter by the narrow gate. You may pitch a tent or we can help you build a tiny house for yourself. In our Forest Garden, the high-frequency microwave radiation measures natural background levels, such as <0.1 microW/m2, magnetic field is <10 nT, and electric field is <2 V/m. Find relief and recover from your EHS symptoms. Find peace, beauty, harmony, stillness, and tranquility. Above all, de-program. Email me or write a letter. Note: We do not have WiFi. We pretend it`s 1995. We talk to each other and we listen to the sound of silence.          Check out the electromagnetic radiation guidelines and see what you see   Is it really just a coincidence that there are so many cancers, suicides, Alzheimer, ADHD, mental illnesses, etc. in this age of wireless technology? Understand that we live in a system. The money monopoly manufactures all the drama, fear porn, illusions, and events. And YOU make it a reality or you don`t. Your choice.  World events do not occur by accident; they are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings. -- Denis Healey. 

NURTURING-AND-NOURISHING. We used to offer Wild Food Baskets province-wide and year-round delivered via Saskatchewan Transportation Company to your bus depot or doorstep; i.e., a seasonal box, small or large, filled with wholesome, nourishing, nurturing, nutritious, and healing delicacies from our beautiful, life-giving, and loving Nature. The GOVERNMENT OF SASKATCHEWAN (by PREMIER HON. BRAD WALL) announced at the end of March 2017 that the Saskatchewan Transportation Company   will be shut down and sold at the end of May 2017 to fill the holes of the money magic. Remember that a name written in ALL-CAPS can only be one of two things, (1) a corporation, (2) a dead man`s ESTATE. Who or what is HON. BRAD WALL? Perhaps this song comes in handy  .   Does everybody in and on the land Saskatchewan understand that people`s assets can only be sold once and that his solution has nothing to do with the problem? Does anyone know why he is selling something that isn`t his? Helloooo? I think he wants to tell you, dear VOTER, something, between the lines. Are you listening? Could someone please tell me, why do GOVERNMENTS in Canada borrow fiat debt money from private banks at interest since 1974 when the people have the power to create money debt-free and interest-free and tax-free? GOVERNMENTS are nothing what you ever assumed. Are you feeling the weight of your life-long programming? In any case, this system will continue exactly as long as YOU allow it to continue. I assume, as to STC, it`ll be the age-old Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS) strategy. They created the problem but they already had the solution worked out as well. Another privatization-corporation firesale.   Everything that is used to destroy, will be destroyed by its own destructiveness within itself.    But you tell me who is crazier, corporate governments making incompetent decisions or those people who actually vote for corporate governments making incompetent decisions?   Let me tell you this: No government can take care of people who cannot take care of themselves. Why people give away their voice in corporate private selection events is beyond me. Voting is there to make you agree with their system, to place your voice in an urne. No, thank you. Do you feel confident stating that you understand their system? Because, in case you don`t know,  in this current system who you vote for doesn`t matter as they all have the same rulers or puppeteers -- the money monopoly. My vote is my voice, always has been and it will always be so. I do not play and I certainly do not play their mind and name games.  How much longer are YOU going to agree with a system that robs and deceives you in broad daylight?   When permitting other people to think for us, we cannot complain if they think us into disaster. -- Vernon Howard.     Pause for a moment and think: has it ever occurred to you to look and see what kind of world you have allowed to happen in YOUR NAME? Why do they build prisons, bypass roads, and stadiums instead of learning areas and caring centres? Do you know that democracy is nothing more than mob rule?   Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep`s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their deeds ye shall know them. -- Matthew 7:15-16.       Note: It is quite possible that GOVERNMENT servants themselves do not understand this monetary system and thus the harmful consequences of their terrible decisions for the people. Should that be so, I would be happy to assist you achieve liberation from the delusions and illusions of this bizarre monetary system and offer peaceful and friendly solutions, at no cost. Bottomline is that we don`t need to solve any problem because they all cannot be solved until we dissolve the money monopoly.  Again: We do not have money. We have floccinaucinihilipilification. The basic fraud process: the banks create the credit they loan out of thin air simply by entering numbers in a ledger and that credit is based on the borrower`s own assets -- not the banks`. The bank loans nothing of value of its own. So, what they make us call money is just an accounting entry. The interest is not created via accountancy entry, that`s why we are always short in money! And that`s why we will never pay back their debt because we would end up with no money (and still the interest to pay!).  Banks don`t lend money; they type money into existence and we pay them interest for doing that. Also, if you think your taxes pay for something, think again, taxes pay for absolutely nothing. They are just there to delete some of that money aka debt in order to avoid skyrocketing inflation, siphoned off and out of the country to who-knows-where.  Grow up! If you need any genuine education on this, which includes, firstly, de-programming and, secondly, re-education, please contact me; if it helps the credibility any, I actually do have a business high school diploma.  I would be tremendously happy to enlighten you. Know that a different world is possible but you will have to wake up from this false reality. Oh, and to those protestors out there -- would you mind telling me why you are protesting your servants? I suppose it`s part of the game, the duality game which keeps this false reality going.     As to Wild Food Baskets, while we are unable to provide fresh, seasonal wild foods to your doorstep in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba after May of  2017, we will keep the sun shining with the light of truth and continue wild-harvesting, collectively creating, and making new roads for a peaceful co-existence in this world of abundance, energy, and perfection. Thank you, STC, for your 71-years of affordable, reliable, and safe service to the people of Saskatchewan, we love you. We now offer the Outside the box Wild Foods for pick-up in Love, Saskatchewan.  We live in a world of sunshine and beauty.  We enjoy the fruits of this Earth and we love to share this world of abundance with you. If you happen to have seeds, from heritage to heirloom, vegetables, ornamentals, fruit trees, etc., seeds that you and your family save or keep, this is the currency that we accept. No corrupted, dead seeds aka Terminator Franken-seeds. If you don`t have any seeds, no problem at all. We cannot sell what isn`t ours, and you cannot buy what has already been freely given to you. I appreciate all of your kind gifts and thank you. Know that my true value is within me.   It is not the nature of politics that the best men should be elected. The best men do not want to govern their fellowmen. -- George MacDonald 

SELF-RELIANCE-AND-WISDOM.   Because we so love to eat good food that comes from our caring and food-producing Earth, nourishing our heart intelligence and making us feel alive, we wild-harvest mushrooms, herbs, and berries by hand in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan. We hike. We hunt. We fish. We garden. We raise pigs and rabbits, free-run. We plant seeds and trees of life. We enjoy caring and thus sharing the abundance of this Earth with you. So if you are interested in food independence, survival seeds, your birthright, self-reliance, self-healing, self-help, self-knowledge, email me or write a letter.    Do not be shaped by this world. Instead be changed within by a new way of thinking.  -- Romans 12:3     

After planting her seed, my unincorporated Prairie Infusions. has been able to grow naturally ever since, like a tree or a child, maintaining a balance with the natural world. Praire Infusions is our family with real, alive, and passionate beings. I have never allowed darkness in my life (and I never will). A different world is possible. But you need knowledge.   A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave human.   
Our 65-ha Forest Garden is a garden of truth, compassion, empathy, peaceful co-existence, abundance, empowerment, and positive energy. Canada lives here. It is my living space, my astral hermitage, a real el-evator, an electrosmog-free sanctuary, infused with Nature, an entirely natural quarter of forest and grassland with ethereal beauty in Saskatchewan where we wildharvest mushrooms, berries, and forest botanicals. It is my spiritual home, my shelter, my retreat, a lovely and remote piece of land cradled vibrationally in harmony and balance with the pulse of the Earth. We find pure air, infinite stillness, and calm positive, nourishing energy on our shaded forest paths and wintry Nordic ski trails. We provide shelter for our animal and plant siblings. We support life and life cycles and we joyously celebrate our beloved trees and plants, offering ecological health and spiritual guidance and balance within us.  We work together, genuinely, for the good of each other and the glory of the universe.  Nature provides for us.  There is no wireless technology, AC electricity, and ground current in our forest garden, but I promise, you will find a better connection in our forest garden.  Please do not show up with an endless variety of wireless gadgets and fully computerized vehicles. Their harmful radiation levels make us ill. No inland pirates, please.  

There is no condition that is incurable or hopeless. All life is magnetic and all life pulsates in time to this marvellous Earth at its natural 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance. The Earth is a pulsating heart; it is the center of the universe, full of energy and vibration. Humans are beings of light, frequency, electricity, and magnetism. Their heart intelligence is all-encompassing.

Everything within us and around us is energy. It is everywhere and available to all. Connect with it. When the minds of humans are free, the need for leaders fades like the shadows in the early morning light. Be free!   Everything is energy and that`s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.  -- Albert Einstein 

Be healthy. Be well. Be calm. Be self-reliant. Be creative, peaceful, and compassionate. There is only one truth. It is within us and it does not have an agenda. Can you remember it? I have zero tolerance for lies and for the inauthentic life.   But truth is truth, they know I don`t play, so negativity I deflect away. -- Louise Clarke

Thank you for being real.

Universal unbounded glorious love and heart intelligence be with you for ever and ever. I stand in truth. My heart is my guide.


Much Love to you,

Elisabeth. One eternal being, a living woman, an alive sentient soul-being, from the Tree of Life in the Land of the Living. Eternally un-incorporated.

I am a conscious being by birthright, my name is Christian, and the land is my home. What`s your name?   Jesus said, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through my name.  -- John 14:6

PS:  Let`s get out of this rather limiting system of memes and lies, and let`s reclaim who we really are, shall we?    

It is supposedly 2017. Say good-bye to this boring duality game. This system is dead. Good-bye, adieu, adios, ciao, arrivederci, so long. Take responsibility for your actions, instead of always picking, pointing, and blaming. Why is it that you always need a scape-goat when all you need to do is look in the mirror? Or hey, you don`t need a mirror, just look at your thousands of selfies! LOL.  Next step: say hello and welcome to the Land of the Living. How do you get there? Well FOR-ONE, stop putting your precious fu-el into this perpetuous mind-phug and instead seek the truth. Your heart takes you there. You will find the truth. Wake up and fear not. The truth will set you free.

NUMBER-ONE.  You have to understand the nature of money. The global monetary system is monopoly capital. Yes, it sure is. By allowing private banks to issue money as debt, repayable with interest (unreal, eh?), we all need to create the money for the interest somewhere. We can sell our commons (i.e., public assets) to the monopoly money master until we are bankrupt (which WE are, but not we, the living people and I, a living woman, as well as North Korea and Iran are not, but soon to come unless you finally face reality), deprived of all property, totally enslaved, and our children wake up homeless, and while we are doing that, we can squeeze our life support, the Earth, some more by digging, pumping, fishing, harvesting, logging, polluting, scraping, fracking, mining, etc. You do understand and comprehend that this debt money system requires the systematic destruction of our life support system, right? Well good, so that`s the rule then of the money game. If you don`t like this, know that we will have to become self-responsible, for once. Change your own behaviour. Are you willing to do this? Once you realize the truth about money, poverty is a crime.     Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Defend the rights of all those who have nothing. Speak up and judge fairly. Defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverb 31:8-9.     Have you seen enough death, wars, destruction, burnings, conflicts, spirit cookings, destruction, violence, human trafficking and human sacrifice, competition, fights, divorces, diseases, massacres, organ harvesting, bankruptcies, arguments, child ritual abuse and slaughter, homelessness, and crucifixions yet or are you still quite comfy with your little pay-cheque? What are you waiting for? To see people dropping dead in your street? You will probably not see dead bodies in the streets. The casualties are wasting away in homes and hospitals, for profit of course. Do you think we could solve this silly bank-note aka money dilemma peacefully this time around?      

NUMBER-TWO.  Make sure you know and comprehend that your wireless devices work on microwaves. Would you stick your head in a microwave oven or your child?   We wanted people to hold a microwave oven to their head (and while some people indeed to this as they bake a potato in the microwave!) but we couldn`t come up with a reason. So we invented the cell phone.   ---  Anonymous Telecom Industry corporate officer.    Then study this excellent paper.

Wireless technology will make the tobacco industry cover-up look like a gnat on a cow`s ass.   --- Anonymous corporate Public Utility official.

NUMBER-THREE.  Are you a name? Are you? Really? Or do you have a name? Person, Name, and Signature. Persons are corporations. Only things have names. And only corporate officers have signatures. Human beings are alive, living, and breathing; human beings have appellations; human beings have autographs. Only corporations have income and need to pay income tax. When you are born on this planet, you have a birthright which is immediately stolen from you by converting you into a dead corporation. Your birth certificate certifies the birth of a person. Are you a dead corporation or a living human being? Do you remember your birthright? and 

NUMBER FOUR. What National Debt? In a debt-credit system, every debt creates an answering credit. If there`s a 1.5 trillion dollar National Debt, there is also a 1.5 trillion dollar National Credit. So, let`s talk about the National Credit which is owed by the banks and their pals to the Canadian People. The essence of fraudulent convertible debt is to create what appears to be a debt, but which is in fact a credit, then get the victim to assume the fake debt and pay it, which leaves the perpetrator in possession of an equal amount of extra credit which they are then free to invest and use for their own profit. (by Anna Maria Rietzinger and James Clinton Belcher). Do you know what utility companies do with YOU every month? Do you? Read on here

NUMBER FIVE. You have elected all these jokers in good faith, assuming that you were electing them to public office. Read on here 

NUMBER SIX. Throw your TV out the window. Get informed. Read and study. And study some more and some more. Set your sails. And let the winds of Reality carry you back on land. Contact me if you need any help and guidance. Change your political status and reclaim your birthright. Be free.


If you are looking for a very short and sobering summary about everything, read Mark M. Rich`s Planetary Sabotage and Human Extermination. Download book for free on Mark M. Rich`s website


See  The Stupidity of Money - Thicker than Water 

You may be interested in this:

ღ Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski.  

ღ You will find an excellent introduction into psychopathy in Mark M. Rich`s New World War - Revolutionary methods for political control.   p. 44 Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald wrote in November of 1975: The most important issue of our time is the effort by these wealthy elite to create a global government which would combine capitalism and communism. Their intentions are incredibly evil.

ღღღ Required reading for our beloved children: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L`Engle.    You can lead a human to knowledge but you can`t make a human think. I`ve seen this all my life. So please, do your child a favour, take responsibility for your children and get them out of and away from schools, churches, and all other of their organized groups.   Only a fool lets his enemies educate his children.  -- Malcolm X

ღ Retired Judge Barbara Domberger`s story about Electrohypersensitivity can be downloaded here     

ღ  Mother Earth Spirituality: Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World. 1990 by Ed McGaa 

ღ  The hidden life of trees: what they feel and how they communicate. 2016 by Peter Wohlleben. Live well!

ღ  Occupy Money: Creating an Economy where Everybody Wins. 2012 by Margrit Kennedy.

ღ  Planet Irth and ElectroSensitives. 2010 by Magda Havas.

ღ  Desperately Seeking White Zone. Documentary. 2014 by Marc Khanne.

ღ  What We Don`t See. Documentary. 2014 by Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt.

ღ  Take Back Your Power. Documentary. 2013 by Josh del Sol.   German translation here:

ღ Subscribe to the channel The Nature Of The Cage and watch all of their uploaded videos. You have to first see the cage before you can get out. Free yourself!

ღ  How we are killing ourselves - Wireless Radiation. With English subtitles watch here  

ღ   Check these websites and see what you think and    and    and  and and   


ღ The most important book of the 21st century -- it opens eyes to see and ears to hear: Where did the towers go? The evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11. By Dr. Judy Wood.     

ღ Tick Tock: An awareness of satanic ritual abuse by Casey Winterburn.   Standing at the edge of the world, with no where else to go, angels flying above and demons down below, with arms spread wide and head held high, I boldly leap and hope I`ll fly.

ღ And the ultimate source of knowledge: The Bible. You will find all the answers that you are looking for. By the way, the Bible has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with religions. It`s a Law Book. Find out for yourself and wake up!! The story of you.

ღ Strawman by The Nature of the Cage

ღ Modern Medicine is a Disease by Dr. Mark Sircus 

ღ In the Shadow of Hermes. 2009 by Jueri Lina.     Globalism is the same old communism but in different form. The chief goal is to destroy universal consciousness. 

ღ Judge Anna von Reitz        

ღ 5G is the Elephant in Your Living Room 

ღ Join Citizens Against Harmful Technology   

ღ All individuals who believe they have received electronic harassment, criminal electromagnetic assaults, electromagnetic torture, radiation effects, non-consensual experimentation/testing with directed-energy weapons, or other unwanted electronic intrusions from sophisticated or improvised directed-energy devices (be they radio frequency devices, other radiation devices, or sonic devices) are encouraged to take the global TI survey. Please share far and wide.  

There is a library in our Forest Garden, waiting for you. By the way, we don`t ever cut the budget of our library! Oh, and our library is alive and full of life in our breathing and alive and pulsating Forest Garden.

My website is dedicated to the memory of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Ted Gunderson, Seth Rich, Eustace Mullins, Nancy Schaefer, George Carlin, Udo Ulfkotte, Serena Shim, Michael Ruppert, Andreas Clauss, Rauni Kilde, Michael Hastings, Lawrence P. McDonald, Margrit Kennedy, and the countless more humans who gave their lives because they tried to warn us.  Let`s not forget the millions of Targeted Individuals (also known as EHS) who are silently and tracelessly tortured every day by directed-energy weapons and by this incessant explosion of unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies from your wireless nonsense, whose voices were taken, whose families, careers, and finances were destroyed, who were discredited, maimed, ostracized, and ridiculed, simply because they are telling the truth. Their courage is inspiring.  How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look? ---Bob Marley.   Beware of any environment saving, economy saving, and climate saving campaigns in your community. Climate change is an engineered crisis as they want you to buy some more worthless stuff and voluntarily donate some more of your hard-earned money. Do you honestly believe that by paying taxes, you will make the climate stop changing?  Watch Our New Technocratic Lords by Jerry Day    Just power down the more than five million gigantous microwave ovens on a stick aka cell death towers, will you? The climate would bounce back to normal within three months.

Daphne Caruana Galizia

Ted Gunderson  

Nancy Schaefer

 This universe is a mass shared dream that all seven billion of us are collaboratively dreaming up into materialization. When we realize this, we can put our lucidity together so that we can co-creatively dream a much more grace-filled universe into incarnation. This is nothing other than an evolutionary quantum leap in human consciousness, unimaginable until now.” --Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko    
Shout joyfully to God, all the earth; burst into jubilant song with music. Psalm 98:4 

God is Love, Singularity, Truth. God is your True Self. Meet God through knowing the Law of the Land, the Law of the Air, the true understanding of these Laws, the Law of the Energy Field, the Law of Integrity, a universal moral order, true knowledge, genuine care, universal love, spiritual consciousness, responsibility, self-respect, empathy, compassion, courage, persistence.  God is electromagnetic energy. God creates life where life was not present. God is everywhere. Do you comprehend? Do you really want to continue filling the air with microwaves emitted by your wireless devices and carrying your ego, your moods, attitudes, wrath, impulses, envy, greed, fear, vanity, rage, gluttony, negativity, jealousy, endless selfies, laziness, insults, prejudice, hatred, hot air, self-centeredness, boredom, selfishness, drama, bullying, apathy, utter nonsense, darkness, lust, and vile gossip? God hates gossip. Why? The air transmits vibration in the magnetic field. Words are vibration. Take words and their power seriously. You either damage or heal the magnetic flow of the air. Wireless technology is spiritual warfare. Now, before you punch in your next meaningless, redundant text, will you please try to find out who you truly are? Sue Smith or SUE SMITH or SMITH, Sue or Sue SMITH or SMITH, Sue or S SMITH or SMITH SUE or ???  Once you know, kiss your ego good-bye and throw your wireless gadgets in the garbage can. Tell your neighbour. Try love, kindness, patience, understanding, empathy, peace, compassion, and harmony with your loved ones. Go fishing tomorrow or heck, go today! Be kind with Nature and take care of our planet. The survival of our humanity depends on the integrity of the flow of energy in the air. Use the magnetic field correctly.   1.  Do no harm.      2.  Keep the peace.      3.  Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.    Last but not least, know that YOU can never win this game. Why?  Because YOU can never put your false self over the LAW-OF-GOD. Lack of jurisdiction and lack of authority. The choice is yours.   

Before the world began, there was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things were made through him. Nothing was made without him. In him there was life. That life was light for the people of the world. The Light shines in the darkness. And the darkness has not overpowered the Light.  -- John 1:1-5.

The path home is the one of truth only. May your senses gather you and bring you home.

In God I trust and I am not afraid.   -- Psalm 56:11

Addendum: I had several inquiries asking whether our round wild food labels have a meaning? Yes, they sure do. This world, this gloriously plain plant planet plane, sings in many colors; the Earth is flat, especially in Saskatchewan; and a circle represents the infinite singular nature of mind. Consciousness is zero-dimensional. No beginning and no end.  It means Zero-Point. Or: I do not play.

Put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.  -- Ephesians 4:24.  

Won`t go back to the ball -- performed live by Darren Nesbit 

The Great Book of Nature can only be read by those who know the language in which it was written.  -- Galileo Galilei 

Enough already, my beloved sentient beings. None but ourselves can free our minds!

Final words: Your Birth Certificate [or Citizenship Certificate] is proof that your natural political status was changed without your knowledge or consent and that you and your estate were seized upon. ... They have claimed that your Mother gave you up knowingly and voluntarily as a baby and left you a ward of the Province. Later when you came of age you did nothing to free yourself of this despicable presumption because of course you were never told anything about this and neither was your Mother --- so the vermin presumed again that you were incompetent and should remain a ward of the PROVINCE even as an adult because no sane man would tolerate the status of a slave and dependent surviving on whatever crumbs the criminals choose to give him. ... Buy no stories of free gold or vast riches or something for nothing. Take no wooden nickels. Sign nothing without a reservation of all rights. Study, study, study, and realize that this thing that appears to be your government is not your government. It is a corporation --- a governmental services corporation run by corrupt banks, having no more granted authority than JC PENNY or SEARS to run your life, extract your labor, make false claims against your property, harass you, indebt you, or make demands upon you based on statutory military common law. ... The thieves have in recent days tried to gag their accusers and make plans to murder their creditors so that they won`t have to pay back what they owe and so that they can claim the leftover property --- everything that belongs to the victims --- as abandoned property, just as they did to the Jews in Germany.   --- Anna von Reitz,  


By: Prairie: Infusions. Eternally Unincorporated.