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Prairie Infusions is a small off-grid business, owned and operated by Elisabeth Poscher. Specializing in wildcrafting and a simpler, sustainable, more self-reliant living, Prairie Infusions' food offerings are gluten-free, non-GMO, entirely natural, and 100% Saskatchewan.

Elisabeth is passionate about wild-foraging, growing, and raising food. She has transformed her Saskatchewan homestead quarter-section into a vibrant and nourishing Forest Garden, supporting life and life cycles, biodiversity, ecosystem services, and ecological health, and maintaining a sustainable balance with the natural world. Elisabeth received her Ph.D. in Arid Lands Resource Sciences from the University of Arizona in Tucson. If anyone is interested in walks and workshops, Elisabeth offers foraging courses or she travels to your biodiversity venue.

What is wildcrafting? Wildcrafting is the practice of gathering plants, plant parts, mushrooms, or lichens by hand in their natural environment. Wildcrafted goods are used for food, medicines, and crafts.

What is forest gardening? Forest gardening is an ancient land use method for sustainable food production. Agroforestry is combined with good animal husbandry to create a highly resilient agro-ecosystem.

We believe in re-connecting with the natural world, respectfully and peacefully. We believe in building living local economies.

Check out Sarah Galvin's article 'Growing and gathering food creates unique businesses' on page 22 of the April 2013 Western Producer

Choose your food wisely! You can change the world with every bite. Eat food that keeps us and the planet healthy.

Divest from fossil fuels! Recycle, reuse, reduce. Help move our energy requirements to renewables. Go solar. It's free!

Very powerful Song of the Sun. From the album Respect Existence or Expect Resistance. By Klee Benally.