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We offer foraging courses, seminars, workshops, nature walks, and wild edible field trips in Saskatchewan.

Wild-crafting is the practice of gathering plants, plant parts, mushrooms, and lichens by hand in their natural environment to be used for food, medicines, and crafts. Forest-gardening is an ancient land use method in which agroforestry is combined with good animal husbandry to create a highly resilient agro-ecosystem. Life and life cycles are supported, biodiversity promoted, ecosystem services cherished, and ecological health achieved in order to maintain a balance with the natural world.

Do you want to go morel hunting? Would you like to know everything about wild edibles in our province and prepare delicious meals? Would you like to learn how to make maple syrup or birch syrup? Would you like to forage and taste wild-harvested tisanes? Come and join us. We celebrate the outdoors every day and we will introduce you to the beauty of wild foraging and forest gardening. Forage Saskatchewan. To a simpler and more self-reliant living.

Elisabeth is passionate about the natural world and indigenous knowledge. Harold is a professional forager, hunter, gatherer, and nature artist.