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Elisabeth is passionate about the natural world, indigenous knowledge, sustainable happiness, and a post-carbon economy. She pursued her Ph.D. in Arid Lands Resource Sciences at the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. Harold is a professional forager, hunter, gatherer, and nature artist, born and raised in Saskatchewan.  

We offer Community Supported Foraging and Wild Food Walks in Saskatchewan.

Wildcrafting farm store opening this 2015 fall.    

Community Supported Wild-Harvest – Tuesdays or Thursdays, from mid-May through mid-September, we will have a basket of wild-harvested foods available for you, either for pick-up at Love or delivery via STC bus service (bus fees are extra). Choose your number of baskets per year.

3 baskets $135 per year / 5 baskets $200 per year / 15 baskets $500 per year 

Limit of 25 participants per year. If you want to sign up, please email us.  

Wild Food Walks – every month, from April through October, we will take one Saturday for our foraging walks. Each walk will lead us through the Boreal forest from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and it includes a scrumptious wild food supper (that we all prepare together) at the end of the day. Please come with an open mind to learn and share. Wild Food Walks will NOT be cancelled due to weather. Please bring baskets, containers, bags, etc. for your own plentiful wild-harvesting; walking shoes and protective clothing; mosquito head-nets are essential for walks in July and August. 

Limit of 8 participants per walk. We are fully booked for 2015. Thank you!    

We celebrate the outdoors every day. We will introduce you to the beauty of wildcrafting through our weekly Community Supported Foraging Program and our monthly Wild Food Walks. To a simpler and more self-reliant living! 

Is this how you feel?     

Wild-crafting is the practice of gathering plants, plant parts, mushrooms, and lichens by hand in their natural environment to be used for food, medicines, and crafts.

Forest-gardening is an ancient land use method in which agroforestry is combined with good animal husbandry to create a highly resilient agro-ecosystem. Life and life cycles are supported, biodiversity promoted, ecosystem services cherished, and ecological health achieved in order to maintain a balance with the natural world.